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The pura natura bag for fruit and vegetables:
paper becomes transparent

Pura Natura is the new fruit and vegetable bag developed by Adercarta, which aims to change a market requiring over one billion pieces a year.

A bag for fruit and vegetables in transparent paper
The big news introduced by Adercarta is semi-transparency combined with moisture-resistance, which makes the packaging unique and meets the needs of commercial distribution through self-service allowing cashiers to check contents of the bag in an instant, with a single glance.

A high-performing resistant bag for fruit and vegetables
Transparency is combined with exceptional lightness, resistance to moisture and sturdiness (up to one kilogram of product), obtained through the particular design of its base.

Made-in-Italy and food safety
The Pura Natura bag complies with the strictest food and HACCP regulations and is made exclusively from virgin fibre paper. It is produced in Italy with 100% Italian materials, is completely traceable and uses ecological water-based inks to meet customisation requirements.

Moreover, using a breathable material such as paper, allows fruit and vegetables to breathe, avoiding the problems of condensation and mould.

An eco-friendly, compostable and, above all, recyclable bag for fruit and vegetables
The Pura Natura fruit and vegetable bag, made entirely of FSC certified paper (from sustainable management forests), is not limited to being composted, but can also be recycled, thus limiting its footprint on the environment and the depletion of important raw materials.

A packaging designed for the GDO (Large-scale distribution)
To meet the needs of large-scale distribution, the Pura Natura bags will be available in a practical 1000-bag dispenser pack and with an innovative system of bag bundles tied by a ring of vegetable rope that will allow installing the bundle to food displays and easily tearing single bags.

An elegant bag to convey the corporate image
The fruit and vegetable packaging developed by Adercarta has an excellent visual impact of ethereal and refined elegance; it can also be totally customised, thus becoming an excellent vehicle to convey the corporate image.

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