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The Packaging Oscar
goes to Adercarta Copper bag

Copper bag, the latest innovation from Adercarta, has obtained the 2017 Packaging Oscar.

The company was given the Quality Design award for its bag intended for packaging fresh counter products. It is an ecological and recyclable freshness-preserving bag with a sophisticated and exclusive appearance, but its most special features are its increased light barrier and antibacterial capacities that were previously inconceivable.


Packaging Oscar: the reason for the award

The panel gave the award to the Adercarta Copper Bag due to its “innovative material in contact with the food product, especially considering the low complexity context for which it is intended.” The panel members proceeded in their evaluation, recognizing that the innovative packaging has “perceptual and sensory qualities that increase the value of the product while continuing to pay close attention to the overall life cycle, safeguarding complete recyclability.


Exclusive antibacterial system

Thanks to the exclusive formula made up of 99% FSC certified paper and 0.5% copper applied through sublimation and nebulization, Copper bag can reduce bacteria over 99%. This feature makes it a unique solution on the market and one that responds to a precise need that has existed for some time in the small and large food distribution industry.


Copper bag: complete recyclability

The Packaging Oscar, by awarding Adercarta, not only recognized the innovative character of this packaging for fresh foods, but also the company’s attention to recyclability.

Thanks to its exclusive formulation designed together with Metalpack, Copper Bag has grade A recyclability (the top), allowing the freshness-preserving bag to be disposed of in common paper bins.


The Packaging Oscar: a milestone to start from

For Adercarta, the award was an important step in its company path paved with continuous innovations that radically changed the packaging of fresh counter products over its thirty-five years in business. And above all, as Director Ennio Loda commented after the award, “it was recognition that the path taken is the right one, that investing in quality, the future, recyclability, and increased food safety is a path that is always awarded, both by technicians in the industry and the end user.

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