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Thanks to the Eco Barrier Bag, Adercarta brings home its third victory at the Oscars of packaging

Third prize won by Adercarta during its third participation at the Oscars of packaging, the competition with which the Italian Packaging Institute aims to enhance national excellence in the packaging sector.
This year the Adro-based company, leader in the production of paper bags and food paper, won the Environment Award with its Eco Barrier Bag, a paper bag perfectly resistant to liquids and grease.

Eco Barrier Bag: the reasons for the award

The award wanted to praise Adercarta for “making recycling easier by allowing people to put even the bag, dirty with food, in the compost bin, creating ease in management, an optimization of the transport phase, and saving raw material”.

Eco Barrier Bag: recyclability as its first objective

The Eco Barrier Bag is geared towards fishmongers and rotisserie shops, proposing, instead of the traditional plastic or polylaminate one, a packaging that is fully made in paper, recyclable as well as compostable.
This line of bags uses a special semi-transparent paper coated with a very thin layer of eco-compatible resin spread over it that makes it waterproof.
Moreover, the Eco Barrier Bag is designed with a double bottom, riveted without thermo-reactive plastics that closes it and guarantees perfect sealing in case of liquids.

Eco Barrier Bag: advanced performance food bags

This line of bags features an advanced performance not only in terms of respect of the environment but also in terms of lightness, transparency (which allows the verification of the content both for commercial operators and for consumers), and sturdiness. Compliant with the strictest food and HACCP regulations, it is composed exclusively of paper from FSC certified virgin fibers, produced in Italy with Italian materials, and it is fully traceable. Last but not least, it uses, for customizations, environmentally-friendly water-based inks.

Eco Barrier Bag: we must recycle to preserve the environment

Respect for the environment was the focus of the 2019 Oscars of Packaging and it has always been one of the priorities of Adercarta’s production, a company that has always had an eye out for recyclability even before compostability. “The Environment Award makes us particularly proud – Ennio Loda, CEO of the company, said – Indeed, it acknowledges a path that we have trod for decades, convinced as we are that the use of recyclable and safe mono-materials, suitably innovated to adapt them to the market, can really represent the most desirable future.”

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