Discover all the new developments regarding Adercarta food-grade paper and bags.

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Paper bags: new exclusive graphics

Vibrant, modern and attractively designed: the graphic lines designed to enhance the Adercarta paper bags explore new ways to give voice to different styles and needs.

The new proposed graphic models are persuasive in every detail and summarize Adercarta’s sought-after and innovative spirit using visual emotions.

Modern line: essential and rigorous elements

A colored band, an evocative phrase and a black and white image: this is how the modern line signed by Adercarta presents itself. Comprising only a few elements, it is inspired by a minimalist yet incisive style.

The selected nuances perfectly blend with the food type each bag carries: lilac for cookies and cakes, lemon yellow for fruit and vegetables, sandy brown for baked goods, mustard yellow for deli meats and red for cured meats.

Chalkboard line: for unique and refined flairs

A texture similar to that of a blackboard and details defined by a graphic effect recalling chalk: the aesthetic appeal of this line lives in its ability to evoke the unique atmospheres of bistros and bakery houses in the mind of those who look at it.

As with all lines, even in this case, several sentences were designed to complete and enrich the range of models produced: “fresh fruit and vegetables to combine taste and health”, “delicious whims to tickle your appetite”, “the inimitable fragrance of freshly baked bread”, “dishes created with love to color your lunches with new flavors”, and much more.

Illustrated line: a rich color palette

Trendy colors and an exclusive design for the illustrated line where contemporary inspired patterns and playful graphics coexist. Here, evocative sentences leave room for the clear classification of the food product for which each bag has been designed.

Photo line: elegant proposals and exclusive design

The rich range of products also features a photographic line. After a series of illustrated and minimalist images, in fact, there is space for a selection of bags with a fascinating look, enhanced by elegant and refined pictures.

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