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Separate waste collection for food-grade packaging: Adercarta’s commitment

The strong suit of Adercarta’s corporate policy, recyclability of food-grade packaging for fresh counter products was always one of the company’s priorities and the focus of product research.

Today this attention takes on a new dimension with clearer and quicker graphic instructions placed on the packaging and related to disposal of food-grade bags and sheets.

Separate waste collection of food-grade packaging is now at everyone’s fingertips
Adercarta has developed a new series of logos able to quickly indicate to the end customer the composition of the packaging and how to dispose of it properly. The clear instructions and icons regarding the composition of the packaging make it easy to properly dispose of the packaging, whether it is simple wrapping like paper bags or processed products like paper paired with plastic film.

Clear and transparent food-grade packaging
Along with recyclability of the wrapping, Adercarta has always been committed to using traceable packaging that complies with the strictest regulations and that has clear instructions.

For this reason, all Adercarta food-grade bags and paper always have logos that ensure compliance with food regulations and provide traceability data and logos that ensure commitment in protecting the environment (like FSC and PEFC certifications), along with recycling indications (Comieco logo).

As of today, the logos will be paired with simpler and quicker solutions that protect the end customer and make it easier to manage the packaging upon disposal.

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