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Pure Nature: a double certification for compostability

Pure Nature has obtained the OK compost ® certification from the rigorous independent TÜV body: an “award” that once again certifies the quality, the natural composition of the product, and the great attention that Adercarta pays to environmental issues when it comes to packaging.

A double certification

The paper of the Pure Nature bags has been certified as suitable not only for industrial composting but also for the domestic one.

While the INDUSTRIAL certification guarantees compliance with the European standard EN 13432 on compostability in industrial plants, HOME introduces a further value to it, ensuring and stating its compostability also inside garden composting bins, which entails much faster times and no use of any type of chemical or industrial process.

A completely natural product

This is possible because Pure Nature bags are made only of natural materials which make them totally compostable, quickly and easily, by anyone.

The Pure Nature bags are made using an innovative semi-transparent pure cellulose white paper, treated with natural resin to make it moisture-resistant – a packaging that comes entirely from nature.

Compostability and recyclability: the double value of paper

Leaving composting aside for a moment, the value of paper in environmental terms is great also because it lends itself to be recycled, allowing the material to be put back into the production cycle over and over again, thus reducing the consumption of natural resources.

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