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Pure Nature XL and Pure Nature MINI: a solution for every requirement

The Pure Nature family is growing.

The fruit and vegetable bag awarded the 2018 Packaging Oscar is now available in two new versions: XL and MINI.

The Pure Nature bag is produced using white paper made of pure semi-transparent calendered cellulose treated with epichlorohydrin resin – a feature that makes it moisture-resistant.

In fact, Pure Nature keeps foodstuffs fresher for longer, unlike bioplastic bags whose components cause fruit to ripen faster and vegetables to go soft.

But now let’s turn our attention to an innovation involving a bag that, by its very nature, is considered revolutionary.

Some time ago now, the basic version of Pure Nature, designed following the standard dimensions used in the fruit and vegetable sector, was joined by the XL version and the MINI version.

Pure Nature XL: extra capacity

Pure Nature XL was created to meet the need to offer the market a quality bag that could guarantee a greater capacity than the standard version.

The XL model actually boasts greater capacity because of a gusset 4 cm wider on each side that makes even packing entire salad plants so easy.

Pure Nature MINI: to minimise waste

The Pure Nature bag in the MINI version has been designed with the aim of minimizing waste, offering a bag of reduced size for those who want to buy fruit and vegetables in small quantities.

This smaller model, with a base of 15 cm and a width of 30 cm, is suitable for holding just over half of the fruit and vegetables that can be placed inside a standard bag.

With the XL and MINI models, Adercarta has adapted a state-of-the-art paper bag to the different needs of the market, once again proving that it is a company that cares about the environment and the customers’ needs.

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