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Pura Natura, the transparent paper bag, debuts at Fruit Logistica

For the first time, Adercarta will be taking part with its own stand in Fruit Logistica, the International Fair dedicated to the fresh fruit and vegetable produce sector of the market.

From 5 to 7 February, the company, Italy’s foremost producer of food paper and bags, will be in Berlin to present Pura Natura, an innovative moisture-resistant fruit and vegetable bag made from a unique transparent paper. Not only will it be showcasing the bag at the fair on the international stage but it will also for the first time be introducing the latest novelties and adjustments that are going to enrich and perfect its design.

A fruit and vegetable bag that “breathes”

Pura Natura is a moisture-resistant, compostable, recyclable and transparent fruit and vegetable bag, which, in terms of environmental protection and food preservation, makes it an excellent alternative not just to plastic, but even to bioplastics. By using a ‘living’ material like paper, Pura Natura lets the fruit and vegetables inside the bag ‘breathe thereby avoiding the condensation and mould problems commonly experienced with other material types.

Transparent paper bags – the most ethical and practical solution, including for large-scale retail.

The big innovation the company has introduced is the transparency of the paper, which makes this kind of packaging unique on the design front as well as meeting the commercial self-service distribution sector’s needs by letting consumer and the checkout operator to verify the contents of the bag at a glance.

Transparency is combined with exceptional lightness, moisture-resistance and weight-resistance (up to one kilogram of product), achieved through a specially designed bag bottom.

Food safety

The Pura Natura bag complies with the strictest food and HACCP regulations and is made exclusively from FSC certified virgin fibre paper (from sustainably managed forests).

Consumer health-focused, it is made in Italy from traceable materials of entirely Italian origin and uses ecological water-based inks for customization.

Also practical inside the supermarket

Specifically focused on the requirements of large scale retail distribution, Pura Natura bags are available in a practical dispenser pack of 500 or 1,000 bags that come with an innovative bundling system where bags are bound together by a vegetable rope ring so single bags can be torn off individually.

A series of special and researched exhibitors rounds off the large scale retail operators and smaller cooperatives and chains’ self-service offerings.



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