Bag making and production of paper formats.

Technologically advanced systems

We have three facilities with 11,000m2 , 8,000 of which is under roof, dedicated to bag-making, paper-making, and the warehouse.

The bag-making facility has 22 machines with an automated palletization line.

The paper producing facility has five production lines for printing,


duplexing, embossing, rewinding, and cutting the wrappers.

The third facility is exclusively equipped as a warehouse for finished products, in order to offer loyal customers the ability to have their ordering product always available and for excellent management of deliveries.


With 4 million pieces produced per day, we are one of the top Italian food bag manufacturers.
The experience of three generations serving the food packaging industry.

The quality someone who believes in their work can offer

We use food-grade paper from the best Italian or European paper mills. We also choose adhesives from the top company in the industry and use the most performing and safe inks. We offer constant quality by checking each batch, but we especially ensure transparency from those who work hard each day to offer a product that makes them proud of their work.

Many different papers and formats are always available

With us you can find a complete assortment of paper and paper bags, choosing from 120 formats and 30 different types of paper, which are always available. This is how we guarantee quick and flexible service, cutting down on the amount of packaging you need to have in your warehouse.

Customized for your company

We know how important it is for you to display the identity of your company, even through fresh food packaging. For this reason, you can ask for customization of the standard models or provide us with your graphic so we can print it in up to 4 colours on the surface of the paper or bag you have chosen.