A compact group: Adercarta’s most important value.

Over 40 years of respect
for our values

The Adercarta story is the story of a family and especially a united and compact group.

Founded in the late 1950s by Eugenio Maestri, the company took its final shape in 1981 and is still today in the exclusive hands of the family, now owned by the second generation in the person of three sisters Adelaide, Anna and Elisa, who together with Ennio and Attilio, and the grafting on of the third generation of Gianlorenzo, Matteo and Caterina, manage the company with the daily commitment and the support of an extended group of over 55 employees, all trained within the company and all very much part of the team.


The professionalism and dedication of each and every one of them and the absolute respect of the suppliers and customers have made it possible for us to grow steadily year after year, allowing us to become a primary point of reference in the Italian market of food paper packaging.