Discover all the new developments regarding Adercarta food-grade paper and bags.

The latest news from Adercarta

The pura natura bag for fruit and vegetables:
paper becomes transparent
Pura Natura is the new fruit and vegetable bag developed by Adercarta, which aims to change a market…
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Separate waste collection for food-grade packaging: Adercarta’s commitment
The strong suit of Adercarta’s corporate policy, recyclability of food-grade packaging for fresh counter products was always one…
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Easy strap: today, recyclable food-grade paper is even more attentive to the environment
With its recyclable food-grade paper, Adercarta has demonstrated its intense attention to environmental topics. Today this attention takes…
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News archive

Christmas freshness-preserving bag: Copper bag® debuts on holiday tables
In the wide series of holiday-themed food-grade papers, Adercarta could not neglect the Christmas freshness-preserving bag. This year,…
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Christmas food-grade paper: Adercarta innovations
A wide range of Christmas food-grade paper and bags for packaging counter products that will make holiday tables…
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A video for Copper Bag, the antibacterial freshness-preserving bag
Copper Bag, the antibacterial freshness-preserving bag for the fresh food industry, is presented in a new video that…
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Copper bag, the ecological and antibacterial
freshness-preserving bag
A new, revolutionary freshness-preserving bag for packaging fresh counter products. This is Adercarta’s and Metalpack’s pledge in presenting…
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The Packaging Oscar
goes to Adercarta Copper bag
Copper bag, the latest innovation from Adercarta, has obtained the 2017 Packaging Oscar. The company was given the…
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Adercarta at the Packaging Oscars
Adercarta will be a participant at the next Packaging Oscars (Oscar dell’Imballaggio), the annual competition that recognizes the…
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Freshness-preserving paper and bags: Metal,the new bright and ecological Adercarta line
A line of super-glossy, thin freshness-preserving paper and bags for packaging fresh cold cuts and cheese. It’s called…
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Food-grade paper and bags online
on the new Adercarta website
A new website for the wide variety of food-grade paper and bags from Adercarta. The company is renewing…
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