Discover all the new developments regarding Adercarta food-grade paper and bags.

The latest news from Adercarta

Mandatory packaging labeling from January 2022
More about transparency and sustainability: from 1 January 2022 the mandatory labeling of packaging will definitely come into…
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ISO 14001 certification: Adercarta’s commitment to the environment
Always attentive to environmental issues, to further demonstrate this, Adercarta requested and obtained the ISO 14001 Certification, which…
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New ISO 22000:2018 certification, a confirmation of quality
Adercarta has applied for and received the ISO 22000:2018 certification for food management, a goal that confirms, once…
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News archive

Pure Nature: a double certification for compostability
Pure Nature has obtained the OK compost ® certification from the rigorous independent TÜV body: an “award” that…
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Grease-resistant and compostable: Adercarta revolutionizes the street-food market with eco-friendly packaging
Adercarta launches the first street food bag, compostable and fully grease-resistant: a concrete response to a contemporary lifestyle…
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Copper Line: scientific studies show that copper is one of the most inhospitable materials for coronavirus.
Let's go back to our discussion about our Copper Line and this time we'll do it by sharing…
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Pura Natura, the transparent paper bag, debuts at Fruit Logistica
For the first time, Adercarta will be taking part with its own stand in Fruit Logistica, the International…
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Adercarta’s engineered-paper products obtain Aticelca 501/2017 certification
Adercarta truly cares about the problems faced every day by the Green Economy, and this is why they…
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Eco Barrier Bag: the innovative bag in pure paper for fishmongers and rotisseries
The paper becomes waterproof and resistant to grease. This is the innovation introduced by Adercarta with the Eco…
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Thanks to the Eco Barrier Bag, Adercarta brings home its third victory at the Oscars of packaging
Third prize won by Adercarta during its third participation at the Oscars of packaging, the competition with which…
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Christmas 2018 – New Food Paper Bags Unveiled
At Adercarta you can already breathe in the Christmas atmosphere. And just to prove it, we have come…
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