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Christmas 2018 – New Food Paper Bags Unveiled

At Adercarta you can already breathe in the Christmas atmosphere. And just to prove it, we have come up with two new graphic design offerings especially styled for food paper bags.

Two graphic design ranges for this Christmas: classic and contemporary

To celebrate, Adercarta has opted for two graphic designs in very different veins: one classic, the other more contemporary.

For the former, we chose an elegant range with dominant colours in red, grey and white. This proposed scenery conjures up a mountain setting with pine trees, elks and snowflakes falling gently on the ground to create a snowy magical panorama.

For the latter, however, Adercarta wanted to be a bit more daring by offering a more sparkly and frivolous motif based on alternating varying expressions of the face of a modern Santa Claus decorated with different seasonal baubles and trimmings.

These new ranges are dedicated to all types of food

Both graphic-design offerings have been developed to customize bags used for bread and for paper used to wrap cured meats, cheese and meats.

So, the new food contact paper ranges designed for the Christmas holidays will be just perfect for bakeries, charcuterie shops, delicatessen, and butchers.

Do you have a food business? Here’s what you can do this Christmas

If you too are looking for a uniquely special way of wishing your customers happy holidays this Christmas why not get in touch with us at Adercarta or with one of our local distributors.

In fact, with a food contact paper bag specialist company like ours, you won’t just get an aesthetically attractive product with strong appeal but also the absolute assurance you need that we only use quality materials and innovative, certified production systems.

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