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Mandatory packaging labeling from January 2022

More about transparency and sustainability: from 1 January 2022 the mandatory labeling of packaging will definitely come into effect. This is a measure that is necessary to communicate to consumers clear information on the composition of products and on how they are disposed of.

Adercarta always a step forward

In compliance with the rules laid down by the It. Legislative Decree 161 of 3 September 2020 and the Decision 97/129/EC regarding the obligation to communicate the composition of each packaging with the relative codes and the correct disposal of waste, Adercarta wants to reassure its customers that all this information has already been included on its products for years, on individual sheets and in the gussets of paper bags. On the Adercarta website, it will be possible to download the updated technical data sheets and certifications of all articles.

The bond of trust between producer and consumer, in fact, is also built thanks to the transparency and clarity with which companies describe their products and Adercarta is always one step ahead in this.

Consumer safety first

It should be noted that from the new year, the pecuniary administrative sanction as per art. 261 paragraph 3 for anyone who places products on the market (and therefore the responsibility is also of those who distribute and those who use the packaging) is from 5,200 euros to 40,000 euros.

The only exception concerns the anti-humidity hydro-vegetable papers, in the white versions for fish and green and black versions for butchers. These papers cannot be printed because they are in direct contact with very wet food products such as fresh fish and raw meat and the risk is that the inks adhere to the food. Therefore these indications for professional users are shown on the package label, while if the products are delivered to the final consumer, it is the duty of the trader to communicate all the information with special signs positioned near the food counters.

This is how consumer safety is put first because an informed consumer is also an aware consumer.