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Adercarta wins the Packaging Oscar for the second year running

Pure Nature, the new fruit and vegetable semi-transparent paper bag developed by Adercarta, has won the 2018 Packaging Oscar in the Overall category.

Pure Nature – why it won the prize

The award, organized by the Italian Institute of Packaging, has yet again this year given recognition to Adercarta for “its reinterpretation and updating of a classic material in a consumer-friendly way that offers customers a compelling alternative to biodegradable bags for fruits and vegetables in large-scale distribution, both from a financial and environmental standpoint, and in terms of functionality and image”.

Choosing paper: why recycling is important

As he accepted the prize, Ennio Loda, CEO of Adercarta, stressed the company’s ongoing commitment by encouraging greater focus on recycling rather than composting, thus respecting fully the dictates of the ‘circular economy’.
The Pure Nature bag, made entirely of FSC certified paper, is not just compostable, but is also – and above all – recyclable, which minimizes its environmental impact and the depletion of vital raw materials.

The Italian packaging industry’s commitment to innovation

This is the second year in a row that Adercarta’s commitment has been recognized by the Packaging Oscar, the most important award in the Italian packaging industry. “In our view“, comments the CEO, ‘this is not just recognition of the commitment our entire teams makes every day to lead innovation in our industry, but it is also an incentive to continue to move forward, to invest in research and development, to listen to the needs of customers and consumers, and at the same time to continually keep our eye on how to protect the environment and peoples’ well-being and health – all typical hallmarks that make Adercarta what it is“.

Pure Nature: the transparent paper revolutionizing packaging

Pure Nature’s key feature is its semi-transparency, which makes it ideal for meeting retail self-service stores’ need for checkout staff to be able to check each bag’s contents at a glance.

As well as being transparent, Adercarta packaging’s other features which make it unique are its wet-resistance, exceptional lightness, and its weight-resistance achieved through the special design of the bag’s bottom


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