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Adercarta’s engineered-paper products obtain Aticelca 501/2017 certification

Adercarta truly cares about the problems faced every day by the Green Economy, and this is why they work hard to offer totally recyclable or compostable products to the market. Recently, they have also obtained the authorisation to include the Aticelca logo on their own engineered-paper products in the HD film duplex line.

In fact, the company pays careful attention to all new regulations for paper production regarding its respect for the environment, and they have recently made preparations to implement the new method for analysing the recyclability of paper products studied by Aticelca, an association that brings together technicians and experts working in the paper industry.

This new method, named Aticelca 501/2017, allows companies to determine the level of recyclability of materials and products with a prevalence of cellulose, at the laboratory scale.

Aticelca 501/2017 was developed to provide companies and individuals with a tool that would help them to determine if paper or cardboard packaging could be recyclable as paper.

This was integrated into what was already provided for by the UNI EN 13430 regulation and its attachments (CR 13688), and their respective amendments.

The method considers four levels of recyclability (levels A+, A, B, and C), as well as an evaluation of non-recyclability, based on results obtained from various tests carried out.

In order to comply with Aticelca 501/2017, Adercarta carried out laboratory tests, starting with their duplex papers with thin PE HD film, obtaining their certification as level B recyclable paper.

This is a new goal for the Brescia-based company, which, as always, continues to demonstrate its concern for the environment and the future of our planet.

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