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Grease-resistant and compostable: Adercarta revolutionizes the street-food market with eco-friendly packaging

Adercarta launches the first street food bag, compostable and fully grease-resistant: a concrete response to a contemporary lifestyle that has seen in recent years a steady increase in meals eaten outside the home, unfortunately connected to a parallel increase in non-compostable – and often not even recyclable – waste.

This was the inspiration that prompted the company from Adro, always attentive to the idea of eco-friendly design, to invest in the development of a new type of bag and food paper: a complete set expressly designed for takeaway street food, where the wrapping consists exclusively of raw materials of organic origin and can therefore be disposed of directly in the compost bin together with food residues.

Green Pick – this is the name of the project – is also the innovative proposal with which Adercarta has been listed among the finalists of the 2020 edition of the Packaging Oscar Award.

A fully grease-resistant type of paper

The Green Pick bags, available in a wide range of sizes, are created to contain chips, Ascoli olives, pizza, kebabs, wraps, and hamburgers while ensuring total impermeability to grease (oils, sauces and liquids), helping you to keep your hands perfectly clean. Also, the innovative mirror print on the back of the placemats allows direct contact with all food, including sauces.

Take care of your health: fluorate-free paper

Unlike many traditional grease-resistant types of paper, thanks to its totally organic make Green Pick is also a totally fluorate-free paper, thus ensuring greater health. Indeed, Green Pick complies with sector regulations and it is made in Italy, with totally traceable and safe materials.

Take care of the environment

When you are done using them, the bags – even crumpled with the placemat – can be safely thrown together with food residues in the compost bin, thus ecologically simplifying the collection of waste.

Lots of formats, lots of options

Green Pick paper is available in a wide range of formats and options – a complete kit that includes placemats and bags of different sizes, suitable for all the most common types of food.

Thanks to special precautions, the paper complies with all HACCP regulations while being fully customizable in 4 colours. Initially proposed with a contemporary and urban pattern, it can be freely customized according to the marketing needs of each customer.

Of course, presenting the Green Pick project in such a delicate moment in our country may seem strange – after all, we can hardly picture ourselves walking casually among food trucks, enjoying a steaming piece of pizza or some chips. But these simple moments that we once took for granted will soon return.

And by then, there will be Green Pick to keep us company.

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