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Freshness-preserving paper and bags: Metal,the new bright and ecological Adercarta line

A line of super-glossy, thin freshness-preserving paper and bags for packaging fresh cold cuts and cheese. It’s called Metal and is the result of Adercarta’s continuous research and experimentation aimed at optimizing fresh food packaging.

Metal freshness-preserving bags use a light paper of 40 g/m2. They are made up of 99.05% FSC certified paper and 0.5% aluminium applied using sublimation and nebulization. The aluminium is processed using an exclusive procedure that, through a super-glossy treatment, increases light reflection and improves its appearance.

In this way the bag has an increased barrier to light in order to maintain the quality of fresh products. At the same time, it is perfectly, Grade A recyclable, which means the packaging can be disposed of with paper waste.

The Metal line is made up of two different types of bags:

  • the Metal bag with the outer side in aluminium with a strong, communicative impact
  • and the White Metal bag with the outer side in white paper and an innovative internal coating treated with a heat reagent that allows simple sealing.

The freshness-preserving bags in the Metal line are produced in two basic formats with two lengths to adapt to packaging different products.

The line has an internal sheet that wraps directly around the product. This sheet comes in two versions.

The first, in White Metal paper, has an embossed finish, an outer white side and an inner side in aluminium coated with a thin HD polythene film that creates a strong light and air barrier.

The second is made up of a white sheet of paper made of pure, certified cellulose coated with a thin film of HD polythene.

Both solutions allow the simple separation of the sheet of paper from the film, allowing total recyclability of the food-grade sheet.

Metal food-grade papers and bags ensure compliance with all of the strictest standards such as HACCP and MOCA. The entire surface can also be printed, to increase its aesthetic and communicative impact.

The new line of freshness-preserving paper and bags is generally aimed at all sales locations in the food industry for packaging fresh-cut counter products such as cold cuts and cheese.

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