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New ISO 22000:2018 certification, a confirmation of quality

Adercarta has applied for and received the ISO 22000:2018 certification for food management, a goal that confirms, once again, the company’s great attention to the most rigorous procedures relating to safety and quality.

ISO 22000: safety in the agri-food sector

ISO 22000 is the golden standard for safety management systems in the agri-food sector. It is applicable to all companies that operate directly or indirectly along the agri-food chain, including, for example, producers, processors, distributors and users of packaging and materials and objects intended for contact with food (MOCA).

An international regulation for common and shared standards

ISO 22000 aims to harmonise requirements for food safety management globally. Through its standards, it contributes to ensuring food safety along the entire supply chain: from the field to the table, through processing and packaging.

A guarantee of healthy and safe processing and environments

The ISO 22000:2018 certification guarantees that procedures and processes are carried out in environments suitable for contact with food, on the basis of all current legislation and ensuring full compliance with the ISO 22000 standard.

Quality beyond certifications

The culture of safety at Adercarta is paramount and has always been at the core of corporate policies “Certifications are essential for us to offer tangible guarantees to every customer and every consumer – said Ennio Loda, the Company’s CEO – However, our idea of safety is often even more stringent and aims, for example, at the selection of raw materials and processes on the basis of even higher standards. That is how we can offer superior quality wrapping and bags.”

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