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Eco Barrier Bag: the innovative bag in pure paper for fishmongers and rotisseries

The paper becomes waterproof and resistant to grease. This is the innovation introduced by Adercarta with the Eco Barrier Bag, the bag for fishmongers and rotisserie shops made of pure paper, recyclable and compostable.

A paper bag awarded a prize by the Italian Packaging Institute

After winning the Environment Award at the Oscars of Packaging – the third consecutive award obtained by Adercarta – the bag is introduced in a video summarizing all its features: from its high technical performance thanks to its lightness, transparency, and impermeability, to the strict attention towards environment.

The Eco Barrier Bag: a friend to the environment

Designed by Adercarta, this bag is recyclable as well as compostable.
It uses 20% less paper compared to traditional bags, and totally eliminates plastic for an overall reduction of 45% of raw materials.

The high-performance bag for fishmongers and rotisseries

Made completely in paper, the Eco Barrier Bag still manages to ensure a high performance thanks to the use of an eco-compatible resin that waterproofs the bag and to the sealing double-folded bottom. It is also 100% Italian and 100% traceable, it uses only water-based inks and it is light and transparent.

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