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Easy strap: today, recyclable food-grade paper is even more attentive to the environment

With its recyclable food-grade paper, Adercarta has demonstrated its intense attention to environmental topics.

Today this attention takes on a new dimension thanks to the Easy Strap solution that facilitates separation of the food-grade paper from the plastic film that inhibits the passage of air.


Recyclable food-grade paper: Duplex sheets
Currently, sheets for packaging fresh counter products such as cold cuts, cheeses, or meat call for the use of a layer of paper combined with a thin layer of plastic that can inhibit the passage of air and allow for good product preservation.

While this type of duplex paper is completely recyclable, proper separation and disposal was difficult, if not impossible, for the end customer, who was unable to separate the sheets for recycling.

The Adercarta research and development department sought to identify a solution that could make the separation of the two sheets easier for the end customer.


The innovations of the Easy Strap system for easily recyclable food-grade paper.
The Easy Strap system aims at facilitating recycling of the two sheets using an innovative system. To facilitate the separation of the duplex sheets, Adercarta created a new, removable adhesive that makes the operation quick and easy. Plus, food-grade papers that use the Easy Strap system have a small area of film without adhesive for effortless gripping of the plastic film, making its removal easier.


Food-grade paper: recycling is now easier.
Using the Easy Strap system, finally anyone can quickly and easily separate the two sheets, correctly disposing of the wrapping in the proper bins using the instructions printed on the paper sheet.

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