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Copper Line: scientific studies show that copper is one of the most inhospitable materials for coronavirus.

Let’s go back to our discussion about our Copper Line and this time we’ll do it by sharing with you the research study carried out by the Department of Agrifood, Environmental and Animal Sciences of the University of Udine in Italy.

In this instance, the antimicrobial activity of copper-coated paper (copper paper) for use in bags for secondary food packaging was assessed. This is a research study that will certainly give you one more reason to choose our copper bags.

For full details, we invite you to read the complete in-depth analysis of this research study published by the Italian magazine Industrie Alimentari (Chiriotti Editori Srl).

International sources:

National Institutes of Health

The New England Journal of Medicine

A Research Study into the Most Inhospitable Materials for Coronavirus

f the above research study highlights one of the many positive aspects typical of such a versatile material as copper, and never more so than at this difficult, unprecedented point in its history that our country Italy is going through, we thought it very important to also share with you another recent piece of research analyzing those materials most inhospitable to coronavirus. 

Roberto Burioni, Professor of Microbiology and Virology of the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University of Milan, discusses it in an article on, published on 16 March 2020.

In the article, he explains that to conduct the experiment, several of his colleagues put a known quantity of the virus on different types of surface. In particular, they carried out an analysis on four of them: copper, cardboard, stainless steel and plastic.

International sources: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseaes 

Research results showed that of all the materials analyzed, copper is the most inhospitable for coronavirus.

“The most “inhospitable” materials for the virus were found to be copper and cardboard with a halving of the infectious capacity to under two hours for the former and within 5 full hours for the latter. A complete reduction of infectivity was observed after 4 hours for copper and 24 hours for cardboard respectively.

Longer persistence on the other two surfaces. On stainless steel, the infective load was halved only after about 6 hours, while it took about 7 to halve it on plastic. This data was associated with a much longer time (compared to the first two materials) for the complete elimination of infectivity to be observed: at least 48 hours for steel and 72 for plastic. The risk, therefore, decreases considerably over several hours, although it cannot be eliminated until after a few days.”

Copper Bag and Copper Paper project
These data made us reflect and convinced us once again that our company has made the right choices in its selection of the materials it uses. And in the light of this latest news, we would also like to remind you of all the other big plusses of our Copper Bag and Copper Paper project.

The Copper Bag® has a flat bottom with the outer side in copper, made up of compact particles that create a reflecting effect and an increased light barrier. This freshness-preserving bag holds the food during the transport phase, without crushing it, and allows partial consumption of the contents.

Copper Paper® has an outer side in antibacterial copper with an embossed finish and is completely recyclable as paper. It is duplex and has a PE-HD thin, inner film that creates a total air barrier. The film can be easily separated.


Bags and paper have grade B recyclability and can be disposed of with paper waste. 100% Recyclable.

Goodbye bacteria

Copper Bag and Copper Paper are freshness-preserving packages for counter-served foods that can reduce bacteria by over 99%.

Food safety

The inside of the bag complies with HACCP and MOCA standards and external
copper nebulization creates a light barrier that increases the shelf-life of the product and reduces bacteria.

Custom graphics

Copper Bag provides a strong, exclusive visual impact and can also be customized with printing on the entire surface in up to 4 colours.

These are just some of the distinctive features of our copper products. To find out more about all the details, you can download the complete technical sheet of Copper Bag and Copper Paper.

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