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Christmas food-grade paper: Adercarta innovations

A wide range of Christmas food-grade paper and bags for packaging counter products that will make holiday tables unique: Adercarta’s selection for Christmas 2017.

Christmas food-grade paper in many designs
Adercarta has created many designs to decorate your table for the holidays. They range from Christmas-themed food-grade bags that celebrate the more classic tradition with red graphics embellished with gold details to more modern images that give a nod to Americana with soft, meticulously designed snow-covered landscapes.

Christmas food-grade bags: Taste is renewed
The Christmas food-grade bags (coordinated with the papers) include many designs that relate to recent trends, with almost optical Christmas silhouettes drawn in white on black using clean and sculptured lines or with more precious yet minimal colours such as white with silver and gold, pine green, and blue and silver that create evocative and essential winter graphics.

Plus there is the Christmas food-grade packaging, with graphics designed for children with smiling Father Christmas who opens his bag stuffed with toys, or pine trees drawn with a soft touch, which bring to mind childhood illustrations.

Christmas food-grade paper for bakeries, delicatessens, and large distribution
All of the Christmas food-grade bags match the papers with grease resistant treatment and can be used for every fresh counter product, such as bread, cheese, meats, sweets, pizza, and cold cuts.

Christmas-themed food-grade paper will embellish tables during the holidays with recognizable and striking graphics. It will be a pleasure for the end customers to have it on their tables. It will keep them coming back and will reinforce their relationship with the bakery, delicatessen, or retailer.

Have we captured your interest? Contact your local distributor and choose the product most suited to your Christmas.

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