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Copper bag, the ecological and antibacterial
freshness-preserving bag

A new, revolutionary freshness-preserving bag for packaging fresh counter products. This is Adercarta’s and Metalpack’s pledge in presenting Copper Bag, the 100% recyclable freshness-preserving bag with a strong light barrier and an antibacterial ability that has never been seen before.

Made of 99.05% FSC certified paper and 0.5% copper applied through sublimation and nebulization, Copper Bag can reduce bacteria by over 99% and is aimed at meeting market needs for food safety.

Copper Bag has an internal sheet that wraps directly around the product. This sheet comes in two versions. The first is recyclable and compostable, with an internal bio polyethylene coating and the second is recyclable and has a grease resistant treatment that acts as an oxygen barrier.

Besides compliance with HACCP and MOCA standards, the bag, whose entire surface is printable, is also perfectly recyclable (grade A) as paper waste.

The new freshness-preserving bag is especially aimed at large distribution and, generally, at all sales locations in the food industry for packaging fresh-cut counter products such as cold cuts and cheese. The market potential is 500 million bags per year.

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