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Christmas freshness-preserving bag: Copper bag® debuts on holiday tables

In the wide series of holiday-themed food-grade papers, Adercarta could not neglect the Christmas freshness-preserving bag. This year, for the first time, the company will present its innovative Copper bag®, embellished with an exclusive Christmas graphic.

Copper bag®: freshness and safety, even on holiday tables
Copper bag® was designed for those who will not settle for a Christmas freshness-preserving bag but wish to offer their customers added safety, packaging fresh counter products with packaging that can offer superior protection.

In fact, Copper bag® is the only freshness-preserving bag on the market that can reduce the presence of bacteria by over 99%.

Its exclusive composition, made with real copper applied using sublimation and nebulization, combats bacterial contamination while ensuring better shelf-life of the product. An innovative solution whose need was felt on the market for quite some time, awarded the 2017 Best Packaging Oscar.

Freshness-preserving paper and bags to make Christmas even more special
The Christmas version of freshness-preserving bags and paper in the Adercarta Copper bag® line not only provides better protection for the freshness and safety of the most precious and delicate foods but also adds festive colour to holiday tables.

Delicatessens and food counters can enhance their products, bringing customers back and reinforcing the image of their sales location.

Ask your local distributor for information and hurry and order your freshness-preserving paper and bags from the Copper bag® line!

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